Corporate Social Responsibility “Environment”

The corporate responsibility and the mainstreaming of sustainable development are Manifest’s prime concern. A collective effort is made towards this end in accordance with the company’s three defining values of ethics, mutual respect and sincerity.


The protection of the environment is a matter of paramount importance for us all, and creating prospects for sustainability results from the sound environmental awareness that underlies Manifest’s entire workforce.

Manifest’s environmental policy is reflected in all aspects of the company’s activities; awareness-raising among staff, use of ecological materials, improvement of offices and facilities energy indicators, use of transportation means and machinery as well as in the workspaces methodology and waste management systems.

Waste Management

In complete agreement with the principles of green development and sustainable waste management, Manifest demonstrates innovation and has initiated the exclusive marketing and distribution of oxobiodegradable waste bags with the company’s logo printed across the bag’s lenght. Oxobiodegradable plastic products are the evolution and upgrading of conventional plastic products, turning them into environmentally-friendly products, without them losing any of their plastic properties, as we know them. Therefore, waste management becomes an easy business for everybody while the concept of green development is strengthened. Through the provision of waste management services, Manifest implements its know-how as well as it guides, in practice, towards the protection of the environment.

Relief for fire victims and volunteer work in Mati and Neo Voutsa+

Relief for fire victims and volunteer work in Mati and Neo Voutsa

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Environmental actions+

Environmental actions

Corporate Social Responsibility “Environment”


Corporate Social Responsibility “Environment”

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