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Customer Satisfaction Survey 2011 image

The Total Quality Management Department of Manifest carried out the annual survey of customer satisfaction in order to document the customer satisfaction index by using our services… The results that you can see here, empower our optimism for the future. However, they do not comprise elements of complacency, but the start of continuing reversals in the internal organization, knowledge, mentality, technological means and results.

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Electronic Customer Service image

Manifest has launched a new pioneering system of electronic customer service, which applies to all of the services we provide… It’s a communication platform established in our website, to which our customers can create calls / comments for restorative actions, damages and many other issues, by using their own personal security code. As our General Manager, Mr. Ammolohitis, specified, by this new system Manifest leads the way in technology and differentiates from competition as far as it concerns the main pylon of our growth Customer Service.

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