Our lovable little childrien they put their hands on any kind of source of germs. When you are close, you can drop them a look and be sure to clean their hands after using the toilet or before eating. But when they are at school?

Only have a child who does not keep these good habits for a possible spread of the infection in many children.
Unfortunately, in many countries, particularly in the developing world, more than two thousand children die every day from diseases that can be prevented, such as diarrhea and some of these deaths could have been avoided by very simple act of washing hands with soap.
Did you know that in order to thoroughly wash your hands, it takes about 40 seconds to one minute, or nearly as long to sing the birthday song twice in order to clean them properly? Maybe you do not want to sing out loud, but is a practical reminder that you should spend the time it takes to wash your hands. Follow these 8 steps and transfer knowledge and your children to perfect the technique of washing your hands.
Good hand washing technique
1. wet hands with clean warm running water
2. Apply a small amount of soap
3. Rub your palms together (away from water)
4. Rub the fingers and thumbs and parts in between
5. Rub the nails on your palms
6. Rub the back of each hand
7. Rinse with clean running water
8. Wipe dry with a clean towel or paper towel