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Founder & CEO's message

Since the company was established, our strategy has been to move towards a safe and sound future offering high-level services that make everybody’s daily life pleasantcomfortable and flexible.

Our aim is to care for the people of the companies we work with so they can give their best at work, creating added value for the companies, the society and the country.

Manifest is not just another facility management service provider, but a functional catalyst for our partners’ productivity in an effort to create growth prospects.

At the same time, with the aim to promote sustainable development, we have implemented some significant investments in order to improve our staff’s performance and enhance the application of innovative and contemporary practices.

The fact that Manifest has been assigned with an increasing number of major projects in such a competitive market environment clearly demonstrates that we have been moving into the right direction, with our client-oriented culture, and a focus on meeting all client-specific needs.

Dionysis Ammolochitis

Founder & CEO

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