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Manifest's Services

Soft Services

Manifest’s Soft Services aim to create a sanitary and clean environment in the professional installations they address to. The following services are included in this category:

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Building Cleaning Services

Manifest’s experience is extensive, and the company is fully specialized in professional premises cleaning. The company’s aim is to offer high standard services and solutions tailored to the needs of its clients.


Manifest responds instantly to any special case of disinfection, delivering excellent know-how and extensive experience to provide its customers with customized solutions.


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Pest Control

Using advanced methods of prevention and treatment, Manifest provides effective protection from parasites by offering clever and innovative solutions for a responsible health care in modern facilities.


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Green Management Services

Manifest undertakes in a responsible way the construction and maintenance of green projects, with respect to the basic norms of the operational planning and caring for the environment.


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Waste Management

Disposing of a sound know-how regarding facilities management, as well as extended experience in facing practical problems, Manifest offers its clients customized solutions regarding waste management.


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Consumables Management

Manifest undertakes in a responsible way the supply and management of consumables (cleaning products, hygiene materials, and personal hygiene items) for the daily use by the staff and the visitors of the professional premises.


Hard Services

Manifest’s Hard Services aim to guarantee the sound operation of a professional installation. This category includes the following services:

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Technical and Buildings Maintenance

The management and precautionary maintenance of a building’s installations is a service of great importance for Manifest, aiming not only at preserving the building’s continuous operation but also at minimizing any possible damage.


Group 6549

Building Renovation Works

Recreating and renovating a building’s spaces with architectural configurations, as well as construction and decoration solutions, is a complicated and demanding job, with many difficulties and particularities, but at the same time with many alternative solutions and applications.


Group 6550


Manifest offers relocation services (transportation) for equipment of large-scale professional workplaces and various other types of premises.


Catering Services

Manifest’s Catering Services aim to create a pleasant environment at the client’s professional premises. The following services are included in this category:

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Fresh Food Catering

Manifest undertakes the set-up and the management of caterer units or the distribution of preagreed menu dishes at professional installations, with high quality products.


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Support for Corporate Events

With an extensive experience in the organization of corporate events, Manifest offers high-quality customized services which combine pleasure with impeccable planning and professionalism.


Security Services

With its characteristics of reliability, diligence and recognized certifications, Manifest Security undertakes the prevention of safety-related risks, by creating a safe environment.

Group 6556


At a time when crime is continually on the increase, security issues are of particular importance. Manifest offers security and protection with the physical presence of guards on the premises.


Group 6557


Manifest disposes of a trained team of special guards and a modern vehicle fleet in order to patrol certain areas in a preventive way and intervene in a prompt way, when necessary.


Group 6558

Security Systems

Aiming at the provision of reliable security services, Manifest undertakes the supply, installation and maintenance of the latest electronic systems which are internationally certified based on the standards that apply in Europe.


Group 6559

Signal Reception Center

The Signal Reception Centre is the core of the Total Security Management operation. More specifically, it is the central point for signal reception for all kinds of incidents.


Group 6560

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring of the facilities is included in the security services offered by Manifest.


Group 6561

Operational Security Plan

Manifest’s qualified staff and scientific partners evaluate, analyse and define the security situation of all of the activities that take place at a facility.


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