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Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring of the facilities is included in the security services offered by Manifest. Through an integrated system, with security cameras for supervision and management, Manifest has the possibility to control a facility from a distance, without the need for a guard’s physical presence in the supervised area. Remote Monitoring Services have a significant advantage compared to the traditional staffed supervision for the following reasons:

  • It supervises at the same time the whole length and width of a facility and not just one sector of it (as happens with mobile and on foot patrols)
  • It renders the same results under any weather conditions
  • It never leaves a place
  • It never sleeps, it never feels sleepy
  • It does not have any physical needs
  • It does not get distracted by external factors
  • It does not feel moody
  • It does not relax
  • It does not provide third parties with important information about the facility
  • It does not take part in nor facilitates crime activities
  • It does not misinterpret instructions
  • Its cost is lower compared to staffed surveillance

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