Christmas and energy saving, is this possible?

Christmas and energy saving, is this possible?

One way to make savings is to choose lights with led lights on the tree and the outdoors. The led lights use up to 90% less energy than conventional bulbs and are much more efficient and much longer life. Another important advantage is that they have to burn one of these residues continue to operate normally, as opposed to the old lights all require replacement.

Another motion we can do is to use timers to turn on and turn off our lights. In this way we ensure that our house will be lit at times that we want without worrying whether the forgotten lighted. Still, it would not “load” the house with lights on each corner.

Finally, it is the festive days that we gathered at home with family and friends to take care not to make unnecessary energy consumption for heating in our field. So we set our thermostat at 20-21 C and keep in mind be proper ventilation of the space.

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