Training and Development

The total workforce forming part of  Manifest’s different working fields are the spearhead and key driver for the supply of high-quality services.

Manifest’s management has set equal career development opportunities, continuous training and development of human resources, thus placing people-employees in the core of the company’s operating activities.

Manifest regards human resources training and development as an investment capital and the central pillar for the company’s successful operation for best productivity, and focuses on creating the conditions that will enhance the skills and competences of its employees.

Training programs and seminars as well as innovative actions like the “Fun and Development Day” are an added value to the company’s employees, and their results are reflected at the high-quality services offered to the clients. Manifest pays particular attention to support a people-centered approach, by planning and materializing innovative activities.

In order to develop its human resources, Manifest implements management policies and procedures regarding estimation of requirements, choice, training, adjustment and development, internal communication, non-discrimination, equal opportunities, offer of incentives, rewarding as well as alignment to the company’s principles and vision.

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