Reconstruction – Renovation

Creation & Remodeling of the Job Center, as well as the facility areas required by its operation.

The need:

In January 2017, a Job Center, the first created in Greece with the aim of re-entering the labor market of vulnerable social groups. The Center for Reintegration at Work is an employment initiative of British American Tobacco Hellas and works in Athens in cooperation with the City of Athens, in the city center for citizens residing in the Social Housing of the Municipality, contributing to tackling unemployment and social exclusion.
British American Tobacco Hellas has entrusted Manifest with the creation and configuration of the Job Center site as well as the facility areas that require its operation, such as a small meeting space for interviews and a healthy sanitary area.

The play:

The project was commissioned by Manifest’s Engineer, who undertook the design, implementation and full supervision of the project, as well as the communication with responsible executives of British American Tobacco Hellas and the City of Athens.

The job involved about 10 craftsmen of various specialties, carrying out the following tasks:

Job Center:

1. Architectural design and furniture layout

2. Disassembly and repositioning of glass curtain

3. Extension of electrical installation

4. Coloring and restoration

5. Supply and installation of carpet

6. Coloring and restoring moods in the small interview room

7. Supply and installation some office furniture

Healthy People:

1. Disposal of old sanitary space

2. Supply and placement of new tiles

3. Modification of a hydraulic installation

4. Supply and installation of sanitary items with specifications for people with disabilities

5. Supply and installation of a door

6. Restoration of the new door outside the sanitary space.

Other Jobs:

1. Graphic design for the exterior label of the Job Center

2. Supply and installation of non-illuminated signage

3. Graphic design and production of stickers, which were placed internally in the Job Center area in order to brand the purpose of the Reintegration Center.

The challenges:

The challenges were enough if you considered the limited time we had available until the delivery of the project at the opening of the Job Center. These challenges were:

1. We spent time to communicate with the competent department of the City of Athens until we received the final approval for the commencement of the works

2. The Job Center site was to be set up in an area where the Municipality’s services are housed, serving various other needs of citizens. Due to the limited time we had at our disposal, the work was done daily, while serving the public from other services in the same area. As a result, our technical staff had to operate discreetly without causing disturbing noise, and so on. Correspondingly, in order to avoid any odor in the coloring space, ecological colors of a well-known house were selected.

3. There was limited space for the work to be done, since there were office equipment in the space, which, depending on the work, moved each time, thus spending even more time on internal transport and equipment protection.

4. Finally, in the light of the above challenges, project costs should be de facto maintained at a reasonable level, since this initiative concerned a social work of British American Tobacco Hellas and the City of Athens.

The result:

The result was absolutely positive delivering the project on time, within budget and the quality it required.
We are particularly pleased that our company has been an important contributor to the implementation of this social project on behalf of British American Tobacco Hellas.
It is noteworthy that the first job of the Job Center was already very interesting and dozens of people were interviewed with a view to their early entry into the labor market. Job Center has a significant number of jobs and its services include individual meetings with human resources and psychology specialists, psychosocial support groups, experiential education workshops, and collaboration with potential employers, employment agencies and social actors for employability meet the specifications set.


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