Object of Service:

Design, organization and execution of the services described below – for the management of a 4-day corporate event in various parts of Attica with the participation of 1,000 people from different European countries on behalf of the Dutch company De Feest & Eventarchitect BV.

• Provision of Escort and Traffic Management Services
• Provision of Security Services
• Provision of Ambulance Assistance Ambulance Services
• Provision of Emergency Planning.

The company:

Manifest Security Services is a purely Greek provider of integrated guarding services such as Static and Onboard Safeguarding, Event Security, Security Systems Installation, Signal and Image Receiving Center and Security Studies. It belongs to the MANIFEST SERVICES Group and was established in 2010 to complement the TOTAL FM Installations Integrated Services which MANIFEST SERVICES successfully provides to its customers.

The idea:

The ability of the company organizing EVENTS to trust a trusted provider to all FM Services in order to focus its own resources on the organization of entertainment and satisfaction activities for the participants. In this context, Manifest has the ability to offer an EVENT MANGEMENT SUPPORT Integrated Solution with all its services.

The reason:

The reasons leading organizers of events, especially from abroad, in search of reliable solutions for the organization of Safety (SAFETY & SECURITY) are:
• The need for specialized & certified event management support services for the proper organization and immediate response to health and safety issues of their participating customers.
• The need for uninterrupted provision of services throughout the duration of events and the ability of the company to respond to the management of changes in planning and redesign of requirements (additional needs and changes that often result in the organization of such big events)
• The need for zero risk in terms of the success of events on health and safety issues.

The solution:

MANIFEST SECURITY SERVICES has developed a Work Field in a timely manner to design and organize the needs of the services and to submit a complete, documented and costly project to its Customer.

Work included:

• Analysis and examination of all venues:


o Varkiza Coast

o Wine Museum in Peania

o The Elefsina Old Mill Site

• Examining and analyzing the needs of these sites – in cooperation with local officials – in terms of Safety, Traffic Control, Firefighting Planning and Evacuation of Facilities and Transits in case of health incidents.
• Organization of Coordination Group and Groups of Services.
• Meetings, co-ordination and establishment of communication lines with all other stakeholders in events that directly or indirectly related to our services.

Results & Benefits:

The results and benefits of delivering an Integrated Event Support for Health and Safety:

• The head of EVENT speaks exclusively with the head of the Manifest Coordination Group, whose duties are:

o Accurate planning and availability of human and other resources in all venues.

o Management and immediate adaptation to program changes.

o The oversight of hygienic and safety procedures from all the other support services of the event.

o Providing solutions even for non-business services or needs of MANIFEST.

• 100% uninterrupted provision of quality service throughout the event.
• High level trained, staffed in line with the event management culture.

It is obvious that the contribution to the upgrading of the particular product is important as it is part of the support of the wider tourism sector and the companies that choose our country for their corporate events.

The smooth and unobstructed provision of our services gives us the confidence of our Customer and a positive experience to choose us at his next event.

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