Client – Project scope:

ΟΤΕ Group is the largest telecommunications provider in the Greek market and, together with its subsidiaries, forms one of the leading telecom groups in South-eastern Europe.

Aiming at the optimization and consolidation of processes, as well as at cost reduction, in mid-2014 OTE Group conducted a tender for the award of a contract relating to services of cleaning, pest and mouse control, maintenance of green projects, clearing of private lands and waste management for all of its facilities in Greece.

Project Challenges:

The project’s size. As an indication:
a. 28 prefectures
b. 435 buildings – stores, 131,000 m2
c. 668 unattended buildings, 86,680 m2
d. 889 plots, 676,704 m2
e. 14,022 phone booths

The limited time of just 156 hours until the project’s initiation phase. Our services had to start simultaneously at the majority of the places, on Friday the 1st of August 2014, even though we had been awarded of the project one week before, thus on Friday the 25th of July 2014.


Giving this huge challenge the code name of “Kir Royale” and creating two working groups, one for Northern Greece (Bloody Mary) and one for Attica (Cosmopolitan), we could not afford to fail.

Our aim was to create conditions for a big game and prove that we were ready to win.

Firstly, three support lines were created for each one of the groups: (1) Management (employees, collaborators, and supplies), (2) Processing (banks, financing, and contracts) and (3) Service (complaints management, questionnaires). For each group, the action plan was divided into geographical areas with relevant coordinators and their corresponding staff. As a contingency plan, we had a mobile workshop for emergency cases. On the 1st day of the start of our operations we succeeded in offering a total of 788 man-hours performed by 232 people.

On the other hand, the Service project team conducted 390 communications during the first week, completing 273 questionnaires and coordinating 78 emergency interventions. It did not take long for the small victories to occur. With the right preparation we managed to cover 93% of the project on the very first day, 86% of which had been smoothly carried out.

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