Health and Safety

Health and safety in the workplace are matters of significant importance for Manifest, within the scope of its operation.

The protection of our workforce but also of all those who receive our services is at the top of our management’s priorities.

Complying with legislation, with a broader set of rules, does not make us rest.
We give the necessary priority to health and safety policies and procedures, as we understand how critical the situation is. These policies include a number of measures and rules that constitute a system of preventive protection. This way we inform all interested parties about all potential risks at stake, but also about the methodology they can implement to protect themselves, and about quality-of-life improvement programmes at the workplace.

With the support of the Occupational Doctor and the Safety Technician, elaborated programmes include the following:

  • Production procedure planning.
  • Creating similar structures.
  • Choosing certified means and materials.
  • Safety means training.
  • Establishment of the implementation of professional risk prevention systems.

Going beyond declarations of principles and intents, Manifest has shaped and implemented a certain hygiene and safety policy, the final responsibility of which, beyond the role and function of the Occupational Doctor and the Safety Technician, lies with the central management.

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