Who we are

Manifest is a purely Greek company of integrated Facility Management services, covering the full range of needs for facilities management, infrastructure and supportive staff. Being a leader in the field, the company has been active since 2003 with an exclusive orientation towards the management of large-scale high-performance facilities.


Manifest’s characteristics

  • Financially healthy, with considerable potential despite the difficult market conditions, investing constantly in providing its clients with certified, reliable and high-quality services.
  • Added value for the company’s clients with the creation and support of a smooth functioning working environment that maximizes employees’ performance. Manifest’s services minimize the client’s operational costs releasing resources for the core business.
  • Significant customers list including, inter alia, several leading companies in the Greek market.
  • Investing in human resources by choosing only the best professionals and offering continuing education and incentives for professional and personal development.
  • A productive and growing team of professionals, with more than 500 employees who provide specialized services. A team inspired by the company’s corporate culture.

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