Serving fresh meals and cleaning service in Goldair Handling’s new Lounge (outside the Schengen area) at Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”.

The need:

In March 2017, the new Goldair Handling lounge was launched in the off-Schengen area of Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. Goldair Handling’s new waiting room, gives every modern traveler a good reason to enjoy his / her leisure time before or between his / her travels to the airport, with high-quality services that give value to every moment. With a relaxing, savory and entertaining approach, the all-new Lounge welcomes passengers in a stylish setting with elegant aesthetics, offering them a wide variety of hot and cold dishes, delicious snacks and delicious sweets all inspired by Greek gastronomy that honor the traditional kitchen with authentic flavor and taste of Greece.

During the day-to-day lounge between 03.30 and 01.30, Manifest is fully committed to preparing, transporting and delivering fresh meals, preparing and replenishing the buffet as well as in-room cleaning services.

The play:

Catering Services:

Manifest has undertaken the task of manufacturing, transporting and delivering fresh meals based on a menu that features 10 different meal classes such as:

1. Bubbles

2. Sandwich

3. Paps

4. Tortilla

5. Soups

6. Hot breakfast

7. Main meals & pasta

8. “Oily foods”

9. Salads

10. Sweet

Within these categories, you can choose at least 60 different types of meals.
Delivery of meals is made every day from Monday to Sunday, three (3) times a day: breakfast, lunch, afternoon, on request of the previous day.
The excellent quality of the raw materials and the method of manufacturing the meals offered (indicatively pure olive oil, fresh meat, fresh fruit and coke) and their safe maintenance, in accordance with the requirements of the national and Community legislation and procedures based on the HACCP principles, is ensured.
Meals are also transported using special containers (containers or boxes approved according to the legislation in force) that provide adequate protection for foodstuffs from the effects of weathering (rain, dust, sunshine) or environmental contamination and compliance of all the conditions required for their safe transport under the applicable legislation.

Banking & Cleaning Services:

During the lounge between 03.30 and 01.30, Manifest employs about two people in three different shifts. One person undertakes preparation of meals, setting up the buffet, constant feedback, as well as taking care of the kitchen area, while the second person is solely responsible for cleaning the lounge areas.

The challenges:

The ultimate challenge is to overcome the expectations of the distinguished Goldair Handling passengers, who have the opportunity to enjoy elegant aesthetics in a stylish space, offering them the taste of Greece.

Also, the choice of meals from a wide variety of hot and cold dishes, tasty snacks and delicious sweets, with orders made the day before for the next, combined with three (3) different deliveries a day at specific deadlines, is definitely one difficult and demanding work, which failures do not fit.
Finally, the combined knowledge required of the staff in the field of Hygiene, along with the discretionary attitude and behavior that must be maintained in meeting the needs of the lounge, makes it even more difficult staffing and stabilization of staff.

The result:

To date, Manifest has managed to provide more than 250 meals per day serving at least 300 distinguished passengers each day with these reviews reaching very high levels of satisfaction.

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