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In Greek society, Manifest facilities recently invested by venture company Southbridge. The new objectives of the company and further expansion in the tourism market.An investment of 3.5 mil. Euro in Greek society facility (Facility Management – FM) Manifest held Recently the company business Southbridge holdings in which involving the European Investment Fund (EIB arm) and foreign funds. Manifest was founded 13 years ago by Mr. Dionysis Ammolochitis and shows a continuous upward trend, so last year show revenue of about seven million euro. He says Mr. Ammolochitis, President and CEO Manifest, the company has a large customer base exclusively in the private sector, with big names like Coca Cola HBC, the Nestlé, large hotels. It offers a full range of facilities management services cleaning up storage, maintenance equipment, etc. employs more than 500 employees who provide specialized services in 1,000 buildings. Ms. Evi Hadrian, of the Southbridge founders and member of management investment company, says that invested in Manifest because they see how the Facility Management sector in Greece has considerable potential, especially with regard to the level of services offered by Greek management companies installations. “In company search industry met the Manifest “, he explains. FM industry is misunderstood in our country because bad writing samples  by various companies (egdelays in payment cleaners, etc.). But it is rapidly growing sector. Southbridge, says Ms. Hadrian, was established two years ago with funds to investment reaching 60 million. euro and to date has invested Approximately 25%. Not focused on financing the early stages, but to companies that have shown samples of writing, but need additional funds for further development. In portfolio

Southbridge outside the Manifest, the company retail Kiosky’s, the rental company Cosmos yachts Yachting and hotel management company hotelBrain. Synergies with hotelBrain will attempt to seize and Manifest, as says. Ammolochitis in order to expand its presence in touristic market.Adds “how important pillar in tourism is proper operation of hotel facilities. Unlike other European countries, tourist facilities companies our country just started to discover the benefits of FM and even Manifest. H upgrade to housekeeping services (cleaning rooms, etc.) and correct operation of electromechanical infrastructure enhance the prestige of the hotel and meeting their customers. ”

Management of Manifest argues that “despite the difficult economic situation of recent years, the company continuously displays upside growth. In the last five years, Manifest succeeded double its size. It is no coincidence that between 2014-2015 the company increased profitability by 300%. ” Furthermore, “2015, despite the general adversity business environment prevailing in Greece, tendsprove to be the best year in turnover and profitability. ”

To undertake contracts abroad or coverage multinational customers who have facilities in other countries, the company proceeded in partnership with international companies and creating 21stFM alliance. Thus, Manifest «is the only Greek company in the sector with a presence in almost 10 countries in Europe. “