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Corporate Social Responsibility “Society”

We in Manifest acknowledge that a company is considered successful based on its financial figures as well as on its contribution to the society in which the company’s activities are carried out.

With the knowledge that our company’s business and the wider social context are interconnected, last year we incorporated a multi-faceted strategy of Social Responsibility into our daily activities, which contributed to the strengthening of social cohesion and the creation of sustainable development.

Our Actions


From the wheelchair … to Iron Man!

In Manifest we are delighted to be proud that all members of our team are unique. They are distinguished for virtues that are either rare or accompany greatness of soul. Each one has his own story· like Lefteris Dimos, our Lefteris, the Iron Man of Manifest.


They once told him that he would never walk again. And he answered, “see me in the triathlon”. Manifest is a proud sponsor of Lefteris at Iron Man in Copenhagen. See his story and you will understand why.

“On 18 August 2019, thanks to Manifest support, I will be able to get to the start of Iron Man in Copenhagen. I am grateful to Dionysis Ammolochitis, who has believed in me from the first moment we met, he believes in my goals and helps me to make them true. He also believes in my knowledge and skills to work together professionally. At this moment I am responsible for the team that has undertaken all the supporting work in the new Astir in Vouliagmeni, the Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens, a project that prides itself on the company and me as well”.

The character determines success,

defines faith and everything starts from there.

Lefteris, good luck!


Manifest is proud to sponsor a potential future Greek sports champion

For Maria Karvouniaris, an inscription was the trigger and cause for her to kick-start the sport of kickboxing. It was as if her gaze met with what she had to follow, realizing her abilities for a particular yet dynamic and militant sport that contributes to the development of human and physical developmental skills.

At the age of 7 (born 31/8/2004) she starts kickboxing workouts and an upward course that continues to this day with major prospects for the future. Distinctions succeed one another nationwide and internationally. The biggest award comes in 2018 with the bronze medal at the light contact world championship held in Jesolo, Italy under the auspices of WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Association).

The next major challenge for Maria Karvouniaris is the Pan-European Youth Championship to be held from August 23 to September 1 in Gyor, Hungary. The Greek champion is ready to add another distinction to her resume and continue her successful career.

Manifest, while respecting the principles and values ​​it serves, stands as a helper and companion to people with vision and goals and faith in achieving the best results. In this context, the company undertook the sponsorship of Maria Karvouniari, rewarding her progress so far but above all the dedication and hard work she has shown to achieve the highest level of success.


Keep your mind on the child

The Smile Children’s Home in Karea held the children’s summer festival, 19/6, at KEFO, where children and teachers presented a theatrical performance.

Our company has taken care of the cleanliness of our home and yard to honor their hard work. To the welcome we made to friends, customers and partners for the gathering of clothes, shoes, food, books and toys, we all responded with enthusiasm and thank you very much!

It is our duty as members of society to support the happy people of Turi in every possible way.

Have a look at the kid

because if the child escapes there is hope.

First place for The INVENTORS

The 11-member “Inventors” robotics team of the 4th Primary School of Voulas participated for the first time at the First Lego League (FLL), entitled “Into Orbit 2019”, which took place in Thessaloniki on 16-17/3/2019. Among the 160 teams from all over Greece participating in the Contest and won the 4th place in the Robot Game.

However, winning the 1st place – Greek champion in Educational Robotics with the gymnastics body DIAS (Space Spider Web), has secured the invitation to the World Robotics Championship “FIRST® LEGO® League World Festival 2019”, representing Greece and attended by the top 108 teams from all over the world.

Space Spider Web aims to train astronauts while they stay in space to neutralize the effect of their weightlessness on their bodies.

Manifest has always been very supportive in such important efforts contributed to the team’s participation in the World Robotics Championship held in Houston, Texas on April 16-20 2019, which managed to win 1st place in the Project Research category

Manifest Job Shadow Day 2019 at IQVIA with Special Education Laboratory “Margarita”

In the context of the European Job Shadow Day action – Work Together, Margarita Special Education Laboratory students became the shadow of Manifest employees at IQVIA’s premises. Margarita’s students were able to see the exact subject of the service and what would be the professional cleaning of large office premises of multinational corporations.

Job Shadow Day – Working Together aims to promote supported employment by bringing together potential workers from vulnerable social groups and employers to highlight the positive contribution of these people to work, to promote equal employment opportunities and to abolish stereotypes .

#Manifest #Corporate_Social_Responsibility

How to raise smart children with your heart

The amount of guilt that the modern parent carries in striving to balance between his desire to be constantly close to his children and the ambition and necessity of survival that pushes him to stand out in his work, is easily perceived as it is part of the daily routine of the majority of employees.

The question of all, if and how can they fill the time gap that hurts the parent-child relationship, came to answer Dr. Kalogerakis’s experiential seminar. An attempt by top executives that distinguished a problem of modern society and joined forces to find solutions for a better world.

Dr. Kalogerakis gave generously emotion, knowledge and food for thought to those who attended Pallas on 5/11. He pointed out that the primordial power of self-improvement pushes man to transcend his boundaries and to create energy with a strong sense of purpose. He reminded parents that the inexhaustible love for their children is the core of their upbringing and stressed that their own “tomorrow” has not yet been discovered, but will certainly be based on more essential principles than “today” as is.

Manifest was proud sponsor of the seminar that not only gave mental strength to working parents, but the total revenue was allocated to the purpose of “All together we can”.

Job Shadowing

Manifest in Greece, as well as other companies in 18 European countries for 2018, participates in the European action Job Shadow day. It is a action that brings together potential workers from vulnerable social groups and employers to promote the positive contribution of these people to work, giving equal opportunities in employment and breaking stereotypes.
Manifest, after informing people from Margarita Foundation, for soft services and in particular facility cleaning, organized on 25th and 26th April a visit to customer facilities. During Manifest’s cleaning, Margarita’s young people had the opportunity to learn about the exact professional cleaning services on spot.

Relief for fire victims and volunteer work in Mati and Neo Voutsa

Huge is the disaster in Eastern Attica on June the 23th that caused one of the bigest catastrophes in the history of modern Greece and the second most destructive fire of the 21st century. The whole country is mourning for the victims.
The minimum we can do is help.
Constitution, sponsorship of 25 people, 100 cartons, 1 truck and 60 volunteer hands. New meeting point, the church at Mati, unloading, grouping for every home, and than, google map and delivery at home. We are not stopping, we are preparing the next steps.

Stravinsky: The Soldier's Tale

The 27th Nafplion Festival 2018 was completed with great success. Manifest, as a festival sponsor and fanatic cultural events conducting spirit and soul, attended on Saturday 7th of July with clients, friends and colleagues, the historic Palamidi, enjoying the the Soldier’s Tale.

“L’Histoire du soldat” of Igor Stravinsky was written in 1918, at the height of World War II in Switzerland by the great Russian composer  (1882-1971) in collaboration with the Swiss poet and novelist Charles- Ferdinand Ramuz (1878-1947) and first plaid on stage 100 years ago.


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