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leading your projects


We are your trusted partner, specializing in the management of construction projects. Our innovative Project and Construction Management services aim to provide a more effective, efficient and secure approach, with a focus on reducing the energy footprint.


how it is implemented

Your Principal Contractor undertakes to regulate all functions of the construction and establishes in detail the procedures, as well as the complete organisation of the project.

We follow the steps below:


We facilitate and resolve all matters through the precise and thorough design of your project, before the construction stage. Through specific procedures, our skilled team confirms the accuracy and legitimacy of the designs. Our primary objective is to build spaces that support its users in regularly maintaining the highest standards of quality and preserving the environment. We take on all types of buildings and redesign them to give them a unique identity, our main goal being respect for the environment and wellbeing.


The construction team consists of specialized staff with the relevant project related experience. They cover all required specialities and maintain communication with the project owner and the design team, using digital tools that enable direct access. The construction team ensures the daily operation of the site through procedures and policies that offer quality and reliability. The sound management of all phases helps achieve the timely and safe completion of the project. By adhering to the strictest safety standards and through the full recording of the team’s performance, we aim to achieve zero accidents, ensuring maximum quality in our projects.


In the last step, before project commissioning, our specialized team validates the accuracy of the construction based on the designs, confirming its quality and creating a relationship based on reliability.

why us

Turn-key solutions

We offer a solution tailored to your needs.

Quality & controlled costs

Through the proper utilisation of resources, we offer excellent quality of services.

Experience in Project Management

We adhere to our schedules. We keep the project owner informed using specialized software.

Maximum security measures

The safety of our projects is our top priority and we comply with the highest standards.


trust us

Being one of the few companies in Greece with a technical workforce of more than 80 people, we operate in a direct and timely manner, aiming at the proper completion of projects.

Our experience in over 5,000 buildings has provided us with the knowledge and high level of expertise required to meet all our customers’ requests.

Through specialized tools we have digitised all steps of the construction process, so that our partners can be immediately informed.