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Facility Services

With the aim to meet the businesses specific needs, Manifest has developed a complete system of offered services by sector of implementation. Manifest assumes the role of a single service provider and guarantees the companies’ sound operation by incorporating in her team professionals with long-standing experience, excellent knowledge on their scope of work and a passion for achieving results.

In Manifest we plan, we coordinate and implement measures that give solutions to the daily operational issues of a company, thus boosting productivity, development and innovation.

Companies that profit from the Facility Management services offered by Manifest should gain flexibility, optimization of the working practices as well as rationalization of the maintenance costs overall, enhancing at the same time sustainability and development prospects.

Overall Manifest's Facility Management experience provides the "tools" to ensure the contracting company flexibility, optimization of work practices and rationalization of maintenance costs, enhancing sustainability and growth prospects.


The Manifest Services

The advantages of Facility Management

  • Improving efficiency
  • Increasing productivity
  • Minimising operating costs
  • Protecting the facilities’ capital appreciation
  • Enhancing knowledge on management and maintenance mechanisms

In an era when the companies’ operational procedures are being modernized and modern methods of implementation are required, introducing integrated Facility Management systems is the compendium of an impeccable functionality.

Adopting these practices substantially improves a company’s daily operation and urges its workforce to an increased productivity, as well as it creates a stable basis for development perspectives, since the company focuses on the work itself without being burdened with day-to-day services.


Key Performance Indicators

For every project undertaken, Manifest conducts a series of concrete procedures in order to measure the quality of the services offered, aiming to evaluate their effectiveness and efficiency.

The results of the evaluation are depicted in certain KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), that the client has the ability to monitor on e-customer platform. Watch here

Indicatively, three KPIs that are proposed in each collaboration are:

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