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what is Facility Management

The term Facility Management defines a complete system that incorporates services such as cleaning, security, technical maintenance, catering, etc., which are provided as one solution by a single provider.

Facility Management is a relatively new field, which started in America in the 1970s, but only first appeared in Europe in the early 2000s. It was originally adopted by the countries of Central and Northern Europe where it is now one of the important sectors of the economy of these countries. While in Greece Manifest was the first company to develop all branches of Facility Management by its own means and know-how, and therefore has already undertaken the most important projects in Greece.

Total Facility Management

how it is implemented

In order to make a successful transition to Facility Management, it is very important that the client has decided to outsource all the services that are not core functions.

The steps for the transition are as follows:

Proposal Preparation

In this phase the client sends us data about their facilities, and we make visits for assessments at their place, and then we study all the data.

Proposal Development

Here we recommend the new systems and procedures, and in agreement with the client, we submit the proposal for the management of the facilities.

Proposal Implementation

The transition to facility management begins, where we agree on service levels (SLAs) and performance indicators (KPIs), and define the service delivery plan.

Manifest Offices

benefits of Facility Management


Proper operation of facilities and increased productivity


One person responsible for all matters


Integration of more than forty suppliers and cost reduction from synergies of internal operations


Complete image of all services through a specialized platform

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Being the only company in Greece that achieved two fundamental goals of Facility Management, we managed to become the leading company in our field and to carry out the most important Total Facility Management projects in the Greek market.

The first goal we have achieved is to provide all the Facility Management services with our own means and our own staff without being dependent on subcontractors, which gives us full control over the quality of our services.

The second goal we have achieved is the creation of an exclusive digital platform that integrates all the services of Facility Management, thus giving complete control to us and to our clients.

Trust only the experts for the correct application of Facility Management in your business.