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We ensure the energy efficiency of your building

We have created complete and specialized energy services, aiming to obtain successful energy management, that will contribute significantly to the reduction of the operating costs of companies, to the overall energy savings and sustainable development, as well as the protection of the environment. By reviewing each building facility and recognizing its energy identity, we are able to identify the points of highest energy consumption and to suggest appropriate ways of handling them, as well as the relevant return and amortization plan for each investment.

Energy Services

how it is implemented

Energy Services are provided by our specialized engineers and energy inspectors and are implemented in three steps:


This phase starts with the collection of the required data, such as architectural and electromechanical plans, data on electricity, water, natural gas or LPG consumption etc. After analysing the data, we prepare an energy upgrade study with optimization proposals.


The construction project begins, based on the design, using certified procedures and materials to ensure the effectiveness of the investment in terms of Energy Footprint and Operating Costs.

Energy Monitoring

Through our exclusive energy management software (Moralius), we continuously measure energy flows – consumptions, aiming first to confirm that all consumptions are within the levels originally specified in the study and, ultimately, to constantly improve the reduction of energy consumption through continuous reports and alarms automatically generated by the software.

The benefits of Energy Services

reduction of operating costs due to the reduction of energy consumption

increase of the energy value of fixed building equipment

increase of the building’s market value

substantial improvement of working conditions for employees

a “smart building” that is sustainable and environmentally friendly

Reduction of the energy footprint

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trust us

We were the first to create integrated and specialized services addressed exclusively to companies interested in the integrated energy management of their buildings, achieving a significant reduction in energy consumption and, therefore, energy costs.

In this way, we have contributed decisively to overall energy savings, protection of the environment and sustainable development of our customers’ companies.