3 Rules of Success

We present to you 3 rules of success, as we apply them in Manifest.

Say Well done to Success

A fundamental principle of our company is to recognize every small or big success.

An important feature is that we all have a clear idea that making mistakes is not a bad thing.

What is the main reason we do this?
We raise the confidence of our executives and develop their initiative.

Communicate the good news aloud

It is now a culture for us to share the good news of our team!

Imagine that every Thursday, the meeting takes place with the entire management team of our company with the sole purpose of sharing the good news of the week and to applaud.

What is the main reason we do this?
We are constantly raising the morale of our team.

Enhance your health

In our offices we provide daily fresh fruit and three types of iced tea, so that they are permanently available to all colleagues.

In fact, every day at 12:00 we take out plates with peeled fruit, because that way they consume more.

What is the main reason we do this? We enhance the well-being of our entire team and to some extent their mood, so that they can produce their work with more energy.

Do you want to offer a healthy snack to your team?

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