5 tips for the best cooling of your facilities

The Technical Department (Hard Services) of Manifest suggests to the tenants / owners of facilities five tips for better cooling of their premises and the best environment for the people who are hosted in them:

1. For the best possible performance of the refrigeration machines in our space, we must have ensured, before the start of the summer season, their proper maintenance. Both the outdoor unit of an air conditioner and the indoor unit should be cleaned / disinfected by a specialized crew with certified chemicals. Condenser and evaporator should be checked and chemically cleaned. Also, all internal filters should be chemically washed and rinsed with plenty of water.

2. We make sure that the selection of refrigeration machines in each space corresponds to the square footage. The selection of the cooling BTUs of a machine is perfectly connected to the total area of ​​the installation space. Of course, the machine that will be placed in a space (mainly professional) must be properly studied. The consultation of the engineer and the cooler is required to judge whether the type of an air conditioner will be duct – ceiling cassette – split unit – closet – floor, etc.

3. Make sure the desired room temperature is not too low. We usually choose 21-22 points. Consider that we do not need to put 18 degrees on the controls when the outside temperature is above 35 degrees.

4. In cases of very high temperatures in summer (heat), we take care not to turn off the air conditioners at night. It is preferable and cheaper to keep the cooling systems running all day and night to achieve the ideal temperature inside the premises. Consider turning off the machines at night and in the morning with 37-39 degrees outside temperature to want to quickly reach the desired temperature inside the installation. The air conditioners are forced to meet our requirements resulting in more stress and their operation becomes costly.

5. In hot periods it is proposed, in business premises, the cooling systems (especially the old ones) to remain active throughout the weekend, with the result that the employees on Monday morning find ideal conditions in the office spaces.


Author: Mr. Vourtsis Konstantinos – Hard Services Manager at Manifest Services SA