7 tips for the safety of your home

It has been observed that when we are away from home for a long time, the burglary rates are quite high. From our side what we can take care of is to minimize regular mistakes that we repeat.

The mistakes we need to avoid are NOT to:

⋅ Forget windows or balcony doors open at night or during the day.

⋅ Forget to activate the alarm system at night or during our absence.

⋅ Neglect to pay the security company we work with, so that the home security system is in operation.

⋅ Refer to many neighbors that we are going to be absent.


Manifest’s Security department suggests:

1. In case of your absence, be sure to leave a light on a near window, in order to indicate your presence within the home.

2. Place thorny plants on the railings of your balcony, if you border another apartment building.

3. Do not leave keys on carpets or pots.

4. Do not leave the key on the lock.

5. Be sure to let a relative or neighbor pick up your correspondence, as large volumes of advertisements or accounts outside your home signal absence.

6. Inform the security company that serves you, that you will be absent.

7. Schedule a regular maintenance or upgrade of the security system to make sure the system is working properly.

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