8 Useful tips for severe weather

According to the latest Breaking News of Dangerous Weather Phenomena issued on Thursday, January 14, 2021 by the Hellenic National Meteorological Service (HNMS), successive waves of severe weather have affected the country from 14-01-2021 at night with the main characteristics:

  • The local heavy snowfall
  • Heavy rains and thunderstorms
  • Stormy winds and
  • The strong frost

The Technical Department (Hard Services) of Manifest suggests to the tenants / owners of facilities:

  1. The supply of salt in the installation in cases where there are indications of heavy snowfall.
  2. The appointment of an emergency team by the company, if there is no permanent maintainer of the facility, for preventive visits and inspections in bad weather.
  3. In cases of severe frost, leave a tap slightly open so that the water pipes do not freeze.
  4. Do not turn off the heating under any circumstances, if the heating network of an installation is water, so that the pipes do not freeze, as well as so that the internal temperature of the building facilities can be maintained at satisfactory levels throughout the two days and nights.
  5. The cancellation of all scheduled external work, if any.
  6. Take care of the safety and heating of the security personnel.
  7. Externally inspect the installation for possible material damage that may be caused by bad weather (strong winds – heavy rainfall – polar temperatures – snowfall) to prevent emergencies.
  8. Inform the staff for safe exit and entry from the facility, so that they are alert.

Contact our Technical Department for further information.
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