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Pest Control

Using advanced methods of prevention and treatment, Manifest provides effective protection from parasites by offering clever and innovative solutions for a responsible health care in modern facilities. The presence of pests not only degrades the image and the aesthetics of a facility, but it can also be a serious risk factor for public health. Depending on the pest species, the damage extent and the use made of the facility Manifest interferes in a sanitary way with modern techniques and methodologies in order to control the intruders (cockroaches, mosquitoes, fleas, mites, flies, termites, ticks and leeches, woodworms, wood eating bugs, ants, fruit flies, warehouse beetles etc.)

In order to ensure uninterrupted working activity and household hygiene, it is necessary to eliminate mice in an effective way.

For effective rodent control in order to ensure a seamless work process and home hygiene, Manifest adopts high value-added solutions (Sanitary applications), based on three pillars:

  • The assurance of the workforce’s health in the facilities, food safety, protection of species (fauna) that are not a target (with the use of baits of minimum toxicity and of zero bioaccumulation for the environment).
  • The most cost-effective methodology-system against all rodents.
  • Speeding up procedures and shortening of response time.

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