we protect you
to return to workplace


Red Level

Protective Measures

  • Continuous disinfection of key touch points in workplace with a special surface disinfectant against Covid-19.
  • Amplification of end-of-day cleaning process with a special surface disinfectant against Covid-19.
  • Weekly disinfection with mist-dusting spraying using an FDA approved formulation.
  • Air quality control with frequent chemical cleaning (4 times / year) and audit for major upgrades.
  • Provision of personal safety measures for your employees (e.g. gloves, protective masks, antiseptic gel).
  • Provision of special surface disinfectant for your employees, either for their desktops or for home use.

Timing of application

After reopening the workplace, either after a temporary suspension or after a confirmed case, is a thorough disinfection application in every area of the premises.

Key Touch Points

The 8-hour continuous disinfection of key touch points in the workplace will take place every day from 09.00 – 17.00, by trained personnel with special surface disinfectant against Covid-19, Oasis Pro 20 Premium by Ecolab.
The key touch points will be disinfected four (4) times per day within the 8-hour morning shift and once (1) within the end-of-day cleaning shift.

ATTENTION: The number of people that will apply the 8-hour continuous disinfection of key touch points will be determined by the size of each premise. The appraisal of the number will be determined by the Facility Services Coordinator of your premises.


The disinfection application by cold mist-dusting spraying is proposed on a weekly basis, after the employees leave the workplace. The spraying is applied with an electrical device called Cold Fogger and it spreads an FDA approved formulation (DALCO 100), creating a cold fog, which covers all surfaces without making them wet.

The aim of this application is to sterilize the workplace thoroughly.

Air Quality Control

The directives that are mentioned in the 23/4/2020 Ministry of Health Bulletin and the directives of international organizations such as ASHREA, apply regarding the A/C and HVAC units and are summarized based on the below:

  • Amplification in the ventilation of the premises through the ventilation systems and production of fresh air intake.
  • Intensification of the maintenance procedure for the A/C and HVAC units (chemical cleaning 4 times / year is proposed).
  • Extensive upgrades of the highest quality in installed equipment for air filtering and readjustment of air conditioning to ensure thermal comfort, upon audit.
  • Upgrade in the quality systems and installation of sensors to continuously check the air quality and the area measurements, upon audit.
  • Digital and continuous monitoring of your premises with KPIs and automatic alerts in case of deviations.

To carry out the audit, we need the specifications of the premises, a site-visit and some targeted measurements (e.g. quality of air flow, etc.). To carry out the upgrades, we will need at most two months.