Manifest at HICS: "3 Roads to Excellence: People - Technology - Processes"

How do we achieve Excellence?

Ms. Κleopatra Panagopoulou, Quality Manager of Manifest, presented our Distinction Award as “Customer Experience: Organization of the Υear 2020”, which we received from the HELLENIC INSTITUTE OF CUSTOMER SERVICE – EIEP, entitled “3 Roads to Excellence: People – Technology – Processes “, on Wednesday, March 31, 2021.

Excellence is not an act but a habit, according to Aristotle. We are what we do every day and our webinar was about all those simple things that we do in our daily working environment and walk towards Excellence.

We believe that Excellence is a culture based on values ​​such as Perpetual Improvement and we believe that these 3 factors are important foundations for achieving it:

People: The core of the business

Technology: The ease of daily operation

Procedures: The A and the Z for the smooth corporate operation

Enjoy her speech in the following video: