Manifest at the Conference "Good Practices in Customer Service"

How can Technology offer a better experience to the customer, in the demanding branch of Facility Management?

The General Manager of Manifest, Mr. George Farlekas, presented the Best Case Study of our company on customer service, for entitled “The Future of Facility Management” at the conference “Good Practices in Customer Service” of Marketing Week Boussias Communications under the auspices of the EIEP, which took place online on Thursday, March 4, 2021.

Customer service expectations are higher than ever.
Now, businesses need to keep innovating and improving to keep their customers happy and stay on top of the latest customer service trends. The 10 key trends in customer service for 2021 – as they emerge from the presentation of successful case studies – were the central theme of the conference.

Technology, therefore, could not fail to meet the challenges of Facility Management and not offer specific solutions, which provide real benefits to both FM providers and customers. is a cloud service, which enables Manifest to enhance the productivity and profitability of its customers, managing and monitoring the effectiveness of the FM services it offers in real time, through a single online platform.


Enjoy the speech in the video below (currently available in Greek) 👇