Manifest is proud to sponsor a potential future Greek sports champion

A glance revealed her destination and guided her on the path of excellence – as time goes on and on – and heralded a brilliant course in the sport that followed her first contact with it.

For Maria Karvouniaris, an inscription was the trigger and cause for her to kick-start the sport of kickboxing. It was as if her gaze met with what she had to follow, realizing her abilities for a particular yet dynamic and militant sport that contributes to the development of human and physical developmental skills.

At the age of 7 (born 31/8/2004) she starts kickboxing workouts and an upward course that continues to this day with major prospects for the future. Distinctions succeed one another nationwide and internationally. The biggest award comes in 2018 with the bronze medal at the light contact world championship held in Jesolo, Italy under the auspices of WAKO (World Association of Kickboxing Association).

The next major challenge for Maria Karvouniaris is the Pan-European Youth Championship to be held from August 23 to September 1 in Gyor, Hungary. The Greek champion is ready to add another distinction to her resume and continue her successful career.

Her family supports her at every step, as well as the well-trained coaching team consisting of coaches Constantine Athanasopoulos, Dimitris Pirgos and Antonis Karadimas. From the very first moment they saw the potential for Maria to develop into the kickboxing sport and her dedication to achieving her goals. All the more fortunate is the fact that after significant international winning she continued to work with more zeal and will.

Manifest, while respecting the principles and values ​​it serves, stands as a helper and companion to people with vision and goals and faith in achieving the best results. In this context, the company undertook the sponsorship of Maria Karvouniari, rewarding her progress so far but above all the dedication and hard work she has shown to achieve the highest level of success.

As a sponsor of the young athlete, Manifest will provide her with the best possible conditions so that she can integrate her training and preparation for the future sports obligations she will have with good prospects for great achievements. Supporting exemplary people – especially for young people – is the concern and priority of Manifest, which has primarily set its goal of offering to the community.

Maria Karvouniari’s achievements

2019: 1st place national kick kick -42kg

2018: Jesolo Italy 3rd place light contact -42kg 3rd place

2018: 1st place National Championship kick light and light contact -42 kg

2018: 1st place national kick kick -42kg

2017: 1st place acropolis kick light and light contact -42kg

2017: 1st place Athens challenge kick light -42 kg

2017: black belt acquisition and 1 dan

2016: 1st place Athens challenge kick light -42kg