Manifest provides contactless talk2lift® technology

How would you feel if you did not use your hands to move around the elevator?

Manifest Services has taken care of that too, with talk2lift® contactless technology, in collaboration with Entranet, a high-tech company that promotes solutions that make life simpler and easier for everyone.

With three simple steps you can protect yourself from the coronavirus and not come into contact with critical surfaces, such as the elevator buttons.

  1. You enter the elevator.
  2. Pass your hand in front of the device.
  3. Say your destination… and you arrived!

talk2lift® allows users to say the floor number or any other related information (tenant owner, profession, etc.). talk2lift® enables voice control in any elevator car, allowing passengers to give voice commands by simply pronouncing the floor number or any other relevant information (tenant name, occupation, etc.).

Also, talk2lift® makes use of the lift:

  1. Easier for everybody and
  2. Accessible to more people, especially to those that have difficulties in using an elevator, such as people with eyesight or movement disabilities.

talk2lift® is a worldwide patent pending, bears the CE conformity mark and can be adapted to all lift cabins.

View how it is used below:

Be smart, stay safe!