Manifest Services in the 1st Energizing Greece

It is with great pleasure that we participated as sponsors in the 1st Energizing Greece, which took place on Tuesday, November 23, 2021, at Domotel Kastri. Our presence took place with the provision of cleaning services and the constant disinfection of critical contact points, but also with the provision of security services by our highly trained staff.

Energizing Greece is an initiative in the context of a wider ecosystem, whose mission is to highlight development actions with a perspective for Greece. Significant priority is given to the strengthening of Greece’s energy transition in accordance with the International order.

Our Founder & CEO Dionysis Ammolochitis attended the event and stressed the significance of such an initiative, to determine the basis for the upcoming developments, which are important for Greece, the economy, but also the quality of life of the Greek population.

Manifest Services supports every activity that highlights development initiatives and investment achievements in Greece. It monitors the new trends and is always ready to lead the developments.

We thank SGT Tsomokos SA and Eplatform SA for their trust in our services and we are proud sponsors of such an important event.





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