Manifest Services leads the industry in Facility Management in the new era -

Innovative practices and focus on human resource development

On the occasion of Manifest participation in 3d Facility Management Conference as a gold sponsor, the company presented its best practices and effective innovative processes for the development of industry and improvement of service.

In this context, Manifest-, one of the Facility Management industry leading companies, analyzed the growth and development processes of the workers’ skills, demonstrating how continuous improvement and to create an appropriate work environment influences the final product to the customer.

The aim of Manifest is to ensure the people of companies that undertakes and thereby give their best, creating added value for companies, society and country. Moreover, the company is able to provide services in 8 European countries through targeted international cooperation.

With more than 500 employees and a focus on customer-oriented approach, in constant evolution, supporting and strengthening the company’s people, and the use of best practices internationally, Manifest aims both to further advance the business activity and the continued leadership position in the Facility Management sector.

CEO of Manifest Mr. D..Ammolochitis said: “Manifest is not even a Facility Management service provider, but functional catalyst for achieving the objectives and the productivity of our partners to deliver growth prospects. People of Manifest are the guarantee correct and effective functioning of each company, and the fact that partners who trust us 75% are international companies and organizations, demonstrates the modern concept of our company. ”

About Manifest

Manifest is a purely Greek company providing integrated Facility Management services, covering the entire range of requirements for facilities management, infrastructure and support staff. The company is now a leader in the industry, operating since 2003 with an exclusive focus on the management of building large-scale facilities and high standards.

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