Manifest supports students' sports activities

Training. Race. Defeat. Victory. Victory after defeat. Victory in the last minute. Participation despite the adverse conditions. Teamwork. Relief. This is the life of every athlete.

The stadiums may have been closed and the sports events may have been suspended, but athletes of all ages dream of returning to their favorite sport, because for them this is one of the most beautiful aspects of their daily lives.

One of the biggest challenges for schools is the continuation of sports activities, when this is, of course, allowed by the measures implemented to combat coronavirus. For this reason, Manifest, the leading company in the field of Facility Management, supported the Avgoulea- Linardatou School, and with the Kids Need Sports campaign ensured the smooth conduct of sports activities by carrying out a program of special Disinfection – Microbicide to create a fully sterile environment.

Besides, from the very first moment of the pandemic crisis in our country, Manifest has been acting proactively and has created a comprehensive solution in three levels of preventive measures, the AntiCovid-19 Proactive Safety Measures (PSM) Program.

Although sports activities have been suspended in schools, we are committed to continuing corporate responsibility action and we will ensure that students return safely to school and sports facilities.

Until then, children teach us the meaning of sportsmanship and teamwork through the video campaign.