Manifest was certified with the ISO 41001: 2018 FM standard

Manifest was certified with great success according to the standard 41001: 2018 FM – Facility Management System, by the Certification body TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas.

As from the first day of the establishment of our company we have set the highest standards of organization and corporate management, which we are constantly upgrading, we are considered the most reliable service provider in Facility Management, having complete know-how and developing our own FM Software “”, the ultimate tool at Facility Management for the best user experience of our customers’ facilities and the full transparency in our relationships.

Our certification seals the installation and full implementation of the Facility Management system, ensuring the appropriate working conditions for our customers and our employees.

Through this, we always contribute in a positive way to the health, well-being and quality of life of a very large number of our customers, through the services we manage.

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