Dromeus Capital Group - Manifest

Dromeus Capital Group

Project overview

Dromeus Capital Group has been cooperating with Manifest since 2022.

We provide the full range of Soft, Hard and Security Services for the overall Total Facility Management of the group’s building facilities in Attica.

Services Provided

  • Consulting services in all Facility Management matters.
  • Cleaning services of common areas.
  • Technical Maintenance Services (electrical, hydraulic, construction, E/Z, Substations, UPS, fire extinguishers, fire extinguishing systems, Close Control, automatic extinguishing, boilers, burners, air conditioning, etc.)
  • Physical Security Services.
  • Security Systems Services.

Client Benefits

  • Harmonization of common solutions and procedures in two building facilities of the Dromeus Capital Group in Attica.
  • Significant cost saving through the consolidation of suppliers, under the Manifest umbrella.
  • Customization of Moralius FM Cloud Software to receive end-user requests and help-desk functionality.

Other Data

Consolidation of Suppliers > 30

Annual Budget > 1ΜΜ €