Project overview

HELLENIC TRAIN has been cooperating with Manifest since 2020.

We serve the full range of Soft, Hard, Security & Catering for the total management of Total Facility Management of its new offices on Syggrou Avenue.

Services Provided

  • Consulting services on all issues of Facility Management.
  • Cleaning services.
  • Pest Control Services.
  • Consumables Management Services.
  • Reception services.
  • Technical Maintenance Services (electrical, plumbing, air conditioning, ventilation, security systems, elevators, fire detection systems, etc.)Physical Security Services
  • Security Systems Services.
  • Catering services (canteen management)
  • Moving to new offices and initial cleaning of offices before moving.
  • Elaboration of the evacuation process and escape plans of the new building.

Client Benefits

  • Central point of project management (Single Point of Contact) with external Facility Services Coordinator.
  • Synergy of services provided, resulting in cost reducing and quality improvement.
  • Specially formatted SLAs and KPIs for project control.

Other Data

Annual Budget: ~ € 250,000€

Staff Number: > 15