Pure elegance lines from Crete distract international gold award!

Dimitris Sergentakis, architecture student from the University of Crete, was awarded with a gold medal in the category Home Interior Products and praise in the category Interior Furniture for International Design Awards for the design of a chair of «Origami Chaise Longue» inspired by Asian art of paper cutting .

Dimitris Sergentakis, who was born and lives in Chania, located in the 5th year of the Architecture Faculty of the University of Crete. Chair created in the school laboratories and despite its size, is extremely lightweight because it is made of aluminum. Despite the more complex shape, having stability and strength. The judges chose among 1,000 entries from architects and designers from 52 countries.

These days the chair exposed to Mediterranean Architecture Center in «Asseyez-vous mr report. Le Corbusier »Chania. The exhibition will run until August 10th.