Technical Facility Management

Individual actions or actions compose a condition.

If this relationship is disturbed then the whole building is “demolished”, which can hardly return to its previous state. A key point and challenge for any company is to ensure that this relationship is built on a solid foundation and fed by those “materials” that will offer it security and durability over time.

A pillar for the development and success of a company is its potential, the most important link in the chain that forms its operating framework. However, its performance depends on and interacts with other factors. It must be in harmony with the environment in which it operates.

The modern work “environment” is made up of an interconnected set of factors – its assets – that are called upon to act and operate in harmony to provide the necessary conditions that will allow employees to achieve high levels of productivity. A difficult bet for any company that is called to provide the most reliable solution.

The Technical Facility Management “comes” to respond to the specific needs of the company today. It covers the management and maintenance of all technical systems of the building such as heating, air conditioning, ventilation, electrical systems, plumbing, elevators, fire detection systems, crane systems, doors, gates and much more. Includes regular inspections and repairs. It supports the safety and proper operation of all the aforementioned systems and attaches great importance to the technical management of facilities, especially to the efficient management of energy.


As a Technical Facility Management service provider, Manifest is responsible for inspecting, maintaining and repairing buildings and other assets in an efficient and reliable manner to ensure their smooth and smooth operation.

In the “pyramid” of the experienced & trained team that provides high quality services is the supervising engineer, responsible for monitoring and maintaining the program of good operation of the technical management, while preparing and reporting to the company for the actions and actions that took place in within their responsibilities.

For each company, the cooperation with Manifest in the field of Technical Facility Management brings significant benefits that are based, among other things, on elements such as:

Maintenance cost reduction
Guaranteed response times
Unique point of contact for any need
Engineer report
Upgrade suggestions



Professionalism, consistency and the provision of services at the highest level are non-negotiable values for the Manifest. The know-how and the highly qualified staff guarantee success in its field as well Technical Facility Management.