The best year in our history!

2019 was the best year in our history, with our turnover amounting to € 12.8 million euros, from € 10.09 million in 2018, recording an increase of 26.8%.

Equally important is the increase in the number of our employees by 9.4%, which in 2019 reached 755, from 690 in 2018.

These results further enhance our sense of responsibility for both our customers and our employees as well as our employees.

2020 is expected to be a year of even greater success for us, with the first major contracts already in place and more and more market behemoths trusting us.

As our CEO, Mr. Dionysios Ammolochitis pointed out, “With passion and commitment we will continue to work hard to satisfy and care for our customers, with the aim of improving what we do and constantly setting higher goals.”