Today we cook for destitute people of Piraeus!

Manifest, on the Day of Joy & Evolution on May 13th and in cooperation with Piraeus Solidarity, organized an event for 250 needy people. This is a financing move from the company, supplying the Piraeus Kitchen Kitchen with fresh ingredients such as oil, chicken, rice, carrot, eggs and more. At the instigation of Manifest, the Municipality of Piraeus had already dealt with deforestation and cleaning of Hippodamia square. So, from that early Saturday, in the presence of employees of the Manifest and volunteers of social kitchen, the huge “pot” was set up! The fire lit, the materials were washed, cut and … with salt and mastery … ready to eat! Hippodamia Square beneath Manifest’s offices filled with people who enjoyed the delicious meal. Manifest employees cared for poor citizens while they were talking about issues that they were concerned with.