What is Integrated Facility Management

Regardless of the industry, most companies need Facility Management.

In some organizations, FM requires a whole team of specialized professionals. In other companies, it may be only one or two people who have plant management duties – and may not even have some work experience in plant management.

Facility operators handle a wide variety of tasks that keep the user interface functional. These tasks fall into several categories, some of which are completely unrelated. From HVAC systems to coffee and beverage services and building security in the green – all of these tasks require a wide range of skills from the people overseeing these projects and operations.

All of these tasks can unnecessarily burden employees, especially those who manage installation issues only as part of their normal workload. That’s where Integrated Facility Management (IFM) comes in.

What is integrated facility management?

Integrated Installation Management (IFM) is a method of integrating all of your business installation services and is run by an external team of experts. This streamlines communication and decision-making between business leaders and facility managers to increase the efficiency of your buildings and make day-to-day operations much simpler.

What are the goals of IFM?

Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) aims at a number of goals that will help you improve your business:

  • Creating comfortable, welcoming spaces where professionals and customers want to be
    Adherence to governmental and industrial regulations and standards
    Ensuring the quality and maintenance of your systems and equipment, protecting them as investments
    Ensuring the safety of your employees
    Increasing the productivity of employees and the facility itself

What are the benefits of IFM?

Improving functionality – bringing all installation services together into a specialized team of experts saves you time, energy and money.

Focus on your business – a team of IFM experts takes all the worries of managing the facility, enabling you to focus on the parts of your job that keep your business afloat.

Save money – keeping a team of experts in full-time facilities is costly, especially in large companies. Outsourcing management of the facility reduces overhead costs and benefits significantly.