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With the support of small and medium enterprises a strategic priority of the European Union, Manifest Services managed to “Lift” means the fund SouthBridge, supported by the European Investment Fund (EIF), amounting to 3.5 million euro capital. Manifest is a Greek company based in Piraeus engaged in providing services for facilities management and infrastructure, providing the necessary supporting staff (facility management).

According to connoisseurs, the sector of facility management (FM) is developing, representing, at European level, a market with a turnover of around 3 billion. euros, according to European FM network. As the founder and CEO of Manifest Services DionysisAmmolochitis, the company is a leader in the industry facility management and offering of the 2003 “business to business” services concerning the management of building large-scale facilities and high requirements. It also notes Manifest-, participating in “21stFM Alliance “, is the only Greek company in the sector with a presence in almost 10 countries in Europe.

Manifest manages 1,100 buildings, employs 500 employees in Greece, It operates in eight countries and 75% of its clientele is multinational groups (eg Coca Cola HBC, Nestle), while one of the most recent collaborations concern in Santorini Hotel Group Grace. At the company, domestic hotels found in long delay the benefits of outsourcing (outsourcing) of facilities management services.

Manifest turnover for 2015 is placed at 7.5 million. EUR size estimated to surpass 10 mil. euro in 2017, the company has doubled its figures for the period 2010-2015. The space 2014-2015 Manifest increased profitability by 300% by 2015, which “Marked” by political and economic instability, be the best year in income level.

The company has calculated that produce on a daily basis, approximately 3,000 working hours, while in 2016 invested in technology EUR 100,000 target customers through special software, be aware of the needs covers the company and what equipment is used.

SouthBridge Europe

SouthBridge Europe is an investment fund which strengthens Greek finance small and medium enterprises, leveraging funds not only individuals but also institutional investors, such as the European Investment Fund (EIF). Essentially, it provides mezzanine financing, allocating to investment funds of 50 million. Euro.In portfolio SouthBridgeEurope belong Kiosky’s network, yacht charter company Cosmos Yachting Hellas and the company

Hotelbrain hotel management.

Note that Evi Hadrian (co-founder of SouthBridge), George Mavridis and Miltos Kornaros are three of a total of six members board of the fund.