The value of Digital Transformation in Facility Management

Digital Transformation is now in our lives. You will have experienced it in the companies you work through various projects respectively technologies, which you may have run until today. We will talk about the 3 basic elements that digital transformation, ie technology can benefit the Facility Management industry.

1) It is a fact that despite the ambitious efforts of FM Providers, Facility Management services are still considered commodities and potential buyers are trying to put too much pressure on the price part.

So here if FM Providers adopt the right technologies they can very easily become competitive.

In other words, with technology, they can really discern what is the volume of work that they have to deal with and put, rather, to place the right resources to get this workload out.

They will not waste money by wasting resources on various tasks and services related to Facility Management. So, in this way, technology can help them become price competitive and thus provide value for money services. .

2) You know very well that Facility Management services are offered by people. Man is a very unbalanced factor and it is very important to be able through technology to control the way he delivers the service to the facility, to the place of the customer who delivers it. So here, technology can help a lot. Give tools to those people who work in clients’ workplaces to do their job better.

To control the way in which they deliver the service and thus, with complete transparency to the customer, the customer himself is aware of the consistency and continuity of the service you offer.

3) Now, the quality of workplaces, workplaces has increased significantly, with the result that employees who move in these spaces, need services that increase productivity. This immediately leads to increased business profitability.

So here, how can technology help?

With the Internet of Things, we can create a dialogue within the workplace with the employees who move in those workplaces.

With the Internet of Things, we can essentially identify patterns in the mobility of employees in the spaces, in the use of workplaces and thus give specific commands to the systems and various services to immediately offer the service that the employee needs and so on. to serve him in the best way, to increase his productivity. This leads to increased profitability.

These, then, are the three key elements that technology can very significantly help Facility Management services and take off the customer experience, the employee experience, the visitor experience within an installation.