4 Security Best Practices

Be Proactive

It can be easy to think of building security as a “reaction based” system that identifies, assesses, and responds to threats as they appear, but some incidences require more planning and can be effectively mitigated by a well-designed security plan. You can begin the process by doing a full facility overview. Be sure to point out any weak spots or vulnerabilities within your existing system that could be noticed by outsiders. It can also be helpful to bring in a third-party security expert who can manage the process and develop a plan that works for all departments within the organization.

Use the Latest Technology

With security system capabilities always advancing, it could be time to upgrade your system. If your surveillance abilities are leaving something to be desired, check out new equipment that includes features such as 4K resolution, improved digital zoom, and the ability to integrate with a variety of platforms. Other technologies worth investigating include license plate recognition, heat detection systems or access control technologies such as biometrics.

Fortify Digital Security

Sophisticated locks that can distinguish approved and unapproved visitors to a facility area is just part of the equation! Do you have a comprehensive strategy to protect customer identities, building data, or organizational financial information? With data breaches all over the news, now is as good of a time as ever to look closer at your digital security practices and identify weak spots. If you’re unfamiliar with proper cybersecurity best practices, asking your vendors can be a good starting point

Ensure Proper Training for Guards

Don’t waste resources! One of the most valuable tools in your arsenal may be sitting right in front of you – your security guards. They see everyone and everything that comes into the building and are often the first responders during an emergency. Properly training them can improve the customer experience as well as maintaining safety for everyone. Training topics can include active shooter response, medical emergency response, or what to do in case of a terrorist attack.

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