8 tips for reducing household electricity

The risks of increasing the household electricity bill are particularly high since due to the conditions of the pandemic and the lockdown, we are more at home and consume more electricity.

So how do you get the most out of your electricity bill and keep costs down?

The Mechanical Engineers of the Technical Department of Manifest give you useful tips!

  1. Make sure all your home appliances are energy class A + and above (A +++).
  2. Your air conditioners should be inverter.
  3. The desired heating temperature in the control of the air conditioner should not exceed 20-22 degrees.

The setting at 27-28 degrees in winter has been observed in many families, when it is very cold outside (2-5 degrees), with the result that the air conditioner works non-stop trying to raise the internal temperature of the house by 22 degrees from the outside and this entails significant costs.


It is better for the air conditioner to maintain the temperature in a room and it is easier to reach 20-22 degrees, trying to maintain them more economically during the day.

  1. Replace all LED bulbs.
  2. When a device (such as TV, computer monitor, audio systems) is interrupted, it is advisable to unplug it. It has been observed that the Stand by condition of the devices (a LED light remains permanently on) causes a respectable consumption for households at the end of the year.
  3. Use the water heater properly. The circuit breaker should open and close on the power distribution panel as soon as the water temperature reaches the desired (65-70 degrees).
  4. On sunny days keep the blinds-curtains open to reduce indoor lighting and use of air conditioners.
  5. Use thermal insulation materials in places where there are temperature losses. For example, roof insulation, window membranes, external thermal insulation of walls. This will reduce the power consumption of the air conditioning in the space.

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