All About Eating Healthy at Workplaces

Many of us spend more than one third of our day, working and making bucks for a better living. What we regularly happen to neglect is, our health. Well! It’s no surprise that work places, where many of us spend more than 8 to 10 hours a day, have major impact on health. On the contrary, office hours could be utilized as the best time to streamline and workout nutrition goals.

Companies in Athens these days have become acutely aware about how, workplace significantly affects health and well-being of employees. Following a balanced diet at prescribed timings is becoming a challenge for the working cadre. Binge eating, increased intake of junk and high calorie food items at odd hours has increased weight issues, that lead to chronic diseases like BP, heart disorders, diabetes and more.


How to begin with a healthy eating program?

Making healthy eating choices daily is not that difficult. In-fact nutrition plans & healthy eating strategies, implemented at workplaces can work wonderfully. All that needs to be done is, encourage the concept of a healthy lifestyle amongst employees.

Let Us Understand What a Healthy Eating Plan Should Focus On

  • Eat minimum of one dark green and an orange veggie everyday
  • Chew your fruit rather than going for juices
  • Add grain products to your list with lesser fat, sugar and salt content
  • It is great to have meat alternatives like, beans, lentils and tofu
  • Fish is essential. Try eating at least two good servings of fish every week
  • Make sure to satisfy your thirst with water. Do not drink aerated or drinks loaded with sugar

Making of the Official Health Plan

Planning a health program for the entire staff, can be a tedious task. Workplaces that aim at implementing a healthy eating program, need to consider options that well suit the nutrition quotient on a whole. To make this task simpler and more foolproof, catering services with prior experience can be hired. These catering companies based on your requirement, select the best of food options loaded with nutrition to be served at the food counter.

Simply eating nutritious food when it is served, will not help attain the goal of staying fit. It is vital to follow the concept of 4 to 5 small portions of heathy meals every day. Increase in consumption of fluids in the form of water or fresh juices add to your success. And yes, don’t forget to sweat it out.