Central Facility Management: What are the benefits

If you have a large or multinational company, one of the biggest challenges you are likely to face is ensuring consistent quality and reliability in facility management – especially when it comes to building maintenance and repairs. The answer to solving these problems is to ensure that you have a good centralized facility management plan in place.

Central Facility Management promises many benefits to business owners, including consistency in design, materials, pricing, warranties, etc. Here are tips for making centralized facility management practices for you.

Make sure you have adequate support

All key players in the business need to be fully integrated into the new centralized facility management plan. Eventually, if they make it a priority, all other employees will also make it a priority. Without this support, the plan is likely to fail before it can begin.

Do your research

You need to be aware of existing plant management practices. You also need to know who is responsible for implementing them. From there, you need to select a core team that will be the driving force behind ensuring that the new project starts properly.

Create a building contact list

All representatives of the buildings in each of your business premises must be officially informed about the implementation of the new central facility management project. These people will be your first contact points in case you have questions or want to track progress. So make sure you have all the right contact information close at hand.

Enter wish lists

The introduction of the CFM program will probably cause a lot of requests from site representatives regarding corrections and “urgent” maintenance. Participating in all of these concerns at the same time is bound to prove impossible. Instead, ask agents to put together a wish list detailing the most important corrections they think they should make. From there, you will be able to prioritize according to budget and time constraints.

Create a CFM policy

As already mentioned, when it comes to a successful program or CFM program, consistency is always crucial! You need to create a CFM policy that dictates exactly how the CFM process will work. Basically, it must be stated that all construction, renovation, conversion, repair, replacement, maintenance and demolition activities will be reviewed, approved and managed by the CFM department.

If this all sounds a bit complicated and you just do not have the time or resources to coordinate your own core facility management plan, there is always an alternative: Working with a facility management company can arrange it for you! Get in touch with the Manifest. Make a call today to learn more about how we can help you!