Common Human Resources issues that directly affect Facility Managers

While the Human Resources department manages employment issues and the Facility Management department deals with workplace design and employee health, the two departments share the same vision: addressing employee needs.

Often, the action of one part (or inactivity) affects the other. Let’s look at some human resources issues that can directly affect your job as a Facility Manager.

⋅ New recruitments

Hiring new staff is primarily the responsibility of the HR manager, but this process also requires the involvement of a facility manager.

You will need to work with the Facility Manager as well as the employee’s supervisor to determine office placement and security access regulation (which may include both physical and IT security). You may also be expected to handle practices. safety at work, such as updating the evacuation plan or drawing up new recruitment for office safety procedures. To make sure you do not overlook anything, you have a procedure for new employees.

⋅ Corporate culture

Maintaining a positive work environment can fall under the umbrella of the HR department, but as you know, office space can have a significant impact on employee mood and productivity.

Many organizations today are gradually changing their office space to reflect their values.

From modern décor to flexible open spaces, workspace design influences a company’s overall culture. As an FM, you are constantly looking for ways to increase productivity, satisfaction, and creativity in the workplace. You can work with human resources to identify what changes can be made in the workplace to encourage creativity and improve morale.

⋅ Flexible working hours

Nearly 3% of the US workforce chooses to work from home in half a year. While these settings have been implemented by the HR Manager, a Facility Manager should assist with the arrangements of the seats within the workplace.

The key thread that connects each of these issues is communication. The more collaborative the management of Human Resources and facilities, the more effective will be the resolution of issues and changes in office space.

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It is important that a system in which the HR Manager can send an advance notice of any requests to the Facility Manager. As an FM, you need to respond effectively to ensure that the work environment remains comfortable and productive for everyone.


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