Facilities Management in the Education Sector

Facility management in the education sector includes all activity related to keeping a building operating properly, having a clean and safe environment that encourages development and learning in students. Facilities management also includes janitorial services, security, records management, property management and more. It’s the responsibility of the facility manager to create an environment that encourages safety and meets government regulations.

Facilities management can include, but not limited to, people management, managing building services, customer service, financial management, quality management, procurement, and risk management.

Facilities management is an important aspect of managing property, ensuring that a school meets certain standards. Adopting modern methods improves the quality of teaching and learning. There is a correlation of the quality of school facilities and the quality of the school. Studies have shown that a close relationship exists between the physical environment and the academic performance of students. Schools are in existence for the purpose of teaching and learning. Material resources, school facilities, provide staff and students to maximize productivity.

In the education sector, there are an array of activities which facilitate learning. Indirectly, support facilities include cafeteria, toilets, laundry, mowers, common areas, and offices. They are used to improve cleanliness, extend the useful life of a building, increase effectiveness of staff, and improve appearance. Facilities management is an integral part of the overall school management. It can reduce the number of maintenance and repairs. These areas are usually under-funded. Additionally, good facility management reduces disparity in building quality, and establishes a commitment to ongoing funding.

Some issues require more than routine maintenance; anything that can stop productivity. Day to day tasks can be outsourced. This is a way to cut costs which is important to administrators. These tasks can range from cleaning and catering to landscaping. Facility management is more than just operations and maintenance. It is coordinating the workplace with the people of the organization. Schools have come to realize that technology, environmental and health concerns make an impact on the importance for facility professionals

The future of facility management will include key staff managing outsourced tasks and meeting daily responsibilities. they will be actively involved in organizational planning. Facility management will continue to be a vital component in maintaining health and safety. It will also include those things that affect student learning and productivity.

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