How a Salesperson becomes a General Manager

After 7 years of successful career in IT as a Business Analyst & Project Manager, in 2009 I made a decision that changed my life.

To become a Salesperson!

The decision was conscious, as the germ had already grown inside me, and I was sure that through this career I would achieve my goal.

My goal was clear… to succeed as a Salesperson, to evolve and take over the Commercial Management of a company and then to take over the General Management.

When I was asked why I wanted to become General Manager, the answer that came out of me effortlessly was: “Because I wanted big responsibilities“.

I felt that big games (big responsibilities) would give me great success, and therefore great freedoms. It is worth noting that when I made this decision, I had to sacrifice a large part of the high salary I had as a Project Manager.

Being without any previous work experience in sales, I could not claim the same high salary.

In fact, when I was chatting with friends, they thought I was crazy enough to allow myself to drop my salary so much that I would start a new path. But I knew that this path would lead me to such challenges and successes, 100 times the role I had then.

So, to answer the question, a Salesperson, to become a General Manager, first needs to have the intention, which is transformed through a clear path like the one above.

Then you must behave, wake up and sleep, experience this whole game, like a little businessman. To ensure abundance in your team and in your company, as if you are the entrepreneur in the organization and not to act exclusively as a lone wolf, only for your own interest.

Third, sacrifices are required. The life of a General Manager is not an easy task. And I am not talking about stress. I want to believe that to choose this path, you are already a cause in the management of stress and pressure, and not a result.

I am referring to time. You need to make the decision that you will spend much less time with your family and friends. Even when you are with them, in a magical way, you will make sure you have a good time and at the same time in the back of your mind you will process all your big plans.

Finally, if you are starting this journey now, I want to tell you that you also need insight. Insight to find the vehicle that will take you and take it there. The company that will give you a field to play and the awake businessman – shareholder who will see the flame in your eyes, will pass on his principles and values ​​and will show you the way to prosperity.

If you want to join a group of winners, who like challenges and never stops evolving, see more here.

Author: Mr. George Farlekas – General Manager at Manifest Services SA

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