How social media help us become better

Facility management is still an emerging market, especially in Greece, but with a relatively low presence in marketing and communications.

Manifest was the first company to develop all branches of Facility Management by its own means and know-how, and therefore has already undertaken the most important projects in Greece, charting a dynamic digital marketing strategy.

So, we decided to record our own successful actions and analyze how social media helps us become better.

Let’s start with the choice of social media platform.

Which platform?

At Manifest we focus on giving useful data to the audience who are interested in receiving solutions in Facility Management, therefore the choice of platform is decided based on the audience, so that our company becomes known to new customers who are interested in our services. Of course, the choice of platform is based on the audience that wants to work with us and become a member of our team. This is well offered by two platforms: Facebook and LinkedIn. We use Youtube as a means of posting our videos, which aim to highlight the really pleasant and dynamic atmosphere in our company and our philosophy.

What content?

Let’s not forget that now, the production team of Gen-Y and Gen-X, now uses and leads the trends in social media, at the corporate level. These groups have now created a more renewed perception around the services they need and of course have more requirements.

So we realized that our content should offer real knowledge, some tip, maybe even a freebie to the interested party, so that we have his undivided attention.

As a leading company in the industry, we share with complete transparency and extroversion useful tips and know-how with our audience.

Every now and then?

Consistency is a very important factor and is one of the biggest bets, as it demonstrates our organization at all levels. A good marketing strategy requires frequency, but also consistency in social media presence. The same goes for responses to comments. We leave nothing unanswered in his fate.

First of all: social media strategy!

Having already answered key questions such as: what we want to achieve, what budget we have, how we will analyze our statistics and to which audience we are addressing, the social media strategy that we draw, can only be characterized by chance. This is achieved by the trends we analyze in the market, as well as the insight of our executives.

Social media is clearly our ally. The companies that already know us, our partners and our staff, learn our good news, the new collaborations, the internal climate that prevails in our company. This is clearly reflected in our ranking in Google Reviews, with an excellent rating of 4.7 stars, from 236 ratings.

Through social media, however, our potential customers and our prospective staff learn and “explore” Manifest. The conversion rate from ordinary viewers of our actions to potential customers and staff, is already quite high.

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Author mr. Fotis Samaridis – Digital Media Specialist at Manifest Services SA


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